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Brian comes home

Brian finally got home after a long day’s work. When he opened the door, he noticed his girlfriend’s shoes at the front entrance. It was something he was becoming very familiar with. Even though they don’t live together, she has been coming over more and more since he gave her a key a couple of months ago. Today, he knew she was just the thing to make a dull day so much better.

He walked around the main floor but didn’t see her. He thought she may be upstairs taking a shower or possibly a nap. When he got to the top of the stairs, he heard a very familiar sound. It was the whirring sound of a vibrator. The door to his room was slightly ajar so he very quietly pushed it open and peaked in. The blackout curtains on his four-post bed were all drawn closed, he was fairly confident she still didn’t know he was home. He got close to the bed and flung open the curtain. She was surprised to see him. She turned beet red as she jumped and scrambled to remove her headset. The toy was still alive under the covers. “Oh hi honey,” she said trying to catch her breath. He took a second to look at her. She was still flush red, her hair was mussed up, and she was wearing her favourite Pink Floyd T-shirt. It was his favourite too because it clung to her perfect body and, of course, accentuated her ample breasts. He climbed onto the bed and straddled her. While they talk, he grabbed hold of her hands, he kissed the knuckles of each hand, like a true gentleman. He then found the hand that was at the controls of her favourite toy. He sucked each finger, savouring her taste. Before she knew it, he had her hands buckled into the leather wrist restraints he kept always kept there “just in case.” Coyly she asked him “what are you doing?” He just gave her a devilish grin and kissed her. The first kiss was just a soft, closed-mouth kiss but when he pulled back, she gave him her pouty face. He leaned in again and gave her a much more passionate kiss. She let out a soft moan, he knew she enjoyed how she tasted, especially when it was on his lips. After the kiss, he slid under the blankets and disappeared from sight. He picked up her toy, it was one he bought for her when they first started dating, and it quickly became her favourite. It had the option of penetration and clit stimulation but turned in just the right way, it could also tease her asshole. He figured he had her clit covered, so he twisted it and slid it inside of her with the shorter of the two tips pressed gently against her anus. It was just long enough to barely penetrate her while the longer one reached deep into her pussy. She moaned again as she felt the short stubble of his beard tickle the inside of her thighs. He kissed her clit with the same gentleness of their first kiss, then took a long hard stroke of her labia with his tongue. He could tell by the way she was moving that she got herself almost to the point of orgasm and he just needed to bring her home. Gently sliding her vibrator in and out of her and the way he nibbled on her clit, soon she let out a scream, unlike anything he’s heard before. He was positive the neighbours were going to come check on them. She was panting heavily and started to shake and giggle as he slowly pulled the toy out of her. Satisfied that she was satisfied, he peaked his head out of the blankets. “How was that?” he asked playfully. She hit him with a pillow and said: “now, let's take care of you.” He smiled and said that wasn’t necessary, he could wait. Disappointed she said “FINE” and reached for her panties that were still on the bed. He moved as she slides them on, she was wearing a tiny thong. Not because she was trying to be sexy but because it was her only pair that wasn’t in the laundry. He stood up, she asked him again if she could do anything to him and again he said he was okay. “Fine, I guess we’ll go start dinner.” He told her that it was already taken care of. He thought he was spending a night in alone, so he brought home a pizza. She bent over to pick up her pants off of the floor, and as she did, he grabbed her hips, moved her thong out of the way, and before she could react, he had his cock deep inside of her. She leaned forward and rested her elbows on the bed. “I thought you were fine.” She said jokingly. “Sex ninja!” he said. “Alright Leonard,” she said referencing ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ the show he heard that one and has been using ever since.

She flinched with pleasure as each one of the piercings on his cock rubbed against her labia. He was already very hard after watching her masturbate for the short time he did and the taste of her pussy on his lips, he knew he wasn’t going to last long, and he didn’t. After just a couple of minutes of pounding her hard from behind, he came, hard. She moaned as she felt his cum fill her. After he was done, he gingerly pulled out of her and tucked his cock back into his jeans. She adjusted her thong and finally pulled on the pants she was reaching for.

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