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Naught college girl

You are nervous before your exam. You're sure you're going to fail the exam. The morning of, you dress nice hoping it will give you that little bit of confidence and self-esteem that will push you to a pass. You do your hair with the sexy long ringlets, you put on makeup. Your favourite black lace bra, under a burgundy halter top that accentuates your perfect breasts. You put on a black skater skirt and black combat-style boots. You check yourself out in the mirror before grabbing your bag and heading to the school. You know you're overdressed but you don't care. You dressed up just for you.

When you get to the class you find your seat in the front row, ignoring the envious looks from the other girls in your class.

Everyone is seated and ready to write when the door opens. To your surprise, it's not your normal teacher but a young man in his early 30s wearing tight jeans, a short-sleeve button-up shirt showing off his muscular arms and sleeve tattoos, a tie. His hair is wavy dirty brown and has steel grey eyes. You can hear every girl in the room gasp. You blush and get flustered. You tuck the hair behind your ears as the sub puts his leather satchel on the desk and pulls out the exams. You can't make eye contact with him as he hands you the exam. Once it's distributed to everyone you start writing and immediately forget about the handsome man at the front of the class. You start to panic as the time tics by. You psych yourself out, completely lost in the exam you forget your surroundings. You stretch your left leg out to the side. You bring your right foot up on the chair. You're leaning over the table. To take a second to think and you realize the teacher is staring at you, intensely. You are puzzled until you look down, and you're showing him a lot of cleavage and a very clear view of black lace panties. You nearly have a heart attack and die of embarrassment. You put your feet together on the floor and sit up straight. The teacher is embarrassed as he adjusts himself and looks away.

At the end of the 2 hours, he tells everyone to put their pencils down. You're still mid-sentence on the last question. You try to write but he tells you to stop. You're heart sinks. You think you failed. You look up and the room is nearly empty. The remaining 3 people gather their things and leave the room. You gather your stuff and drop the exam off on the desk. You go to walk to the door. Your hand grabs the door handle and you pause. Your heart racing you take your hand off the handle and grab the lock and turn it. You keep saying "I must be crazy" to yourself over and over again. You turn and walk back to the teacher who is putting the exams in his satchel. He sees you as you get to the desk. "Can I help you?" He asks with a bit of a hitch in his voice. You don't say anything. You just put your hand on his chest and push him into the chair. You drop to your knees and undo his belt. Then his zipper. You reach into his pants and pull out his thick cock. It's already glistening with precum. You take a deep breath before you lower your lips around it. He falls back in his chair and lets out a deep moan. You can feel his cock flexing in your mouth. He stops you and stands up. You're still on your knees in front of him. He puts one hand on the back of your head, the other grips his cock. He pulls your hair to make you look up at him. Looking down at you he tells you to open your mouth, you do. You feel his hot cum splash on your face, you taste it on your tongue and feel it slide down your throat. He slides his cock back in your mouth and you use your lips to massage every last drop out of him. He pulls his cock out of your mouth and tucks it back into his pants. He starts to search through his satchel. You stand up and start to look for something to clean yourself off with. Finding a Kleenex box on the desk you use your phone to make sure you wipe up all the cum off your face and tits. Once you feel presentable you turn to leave. He grabs your arm and turns you towards him. “Where are you going?"

"I thought you were done so I was just going to..."

He stops you "no, that was round one. 2 hours of pent up sexual frustration. We're just getting started. He leans in and kisses you. You can still taste his cum in your mouth so you know he can too. He grabs your hand and wraps something around it. You look down to see a tie he grabbed out of his satchel. He takes the one-off from around his neck and ties it around your other wrist. He then bends you over the length of the desk. He forcefully pulls the ties until you slam against the desk, he ties them uptight. You're on your tippy-toes are barely touching the ground, your cheek and tits are pressed hard against the cold desk. He stands up and marvels at the site of his handy work and the gorgeous woman he has at his mercy. He walks behind you and flips up your skirt. You can feel his hot breath against your ass. He gives a cheek a small bite before he pulls your panties off. They cling to you because of how wet you are. You feel them around your ankles. You lift one foot then the other as he takes them off of you. He tosses them on the desk by your face. He drops to his knees. He licks your ass cheeks, his hands caress your inner thighs. You are so horny. You want him to fuck you, finger you or something to relieve the pressure before you explode. You feel him spread your ass cheeks apart as he leans in and starts licking your asshole. You jump but can't move. You sit helplessly as his tongue teases you deep inside your ass. You want him to pay attention to your pussy but he doesn't. Before long he stands up. You hear his pants hit the floor. His hands grab your waist. You feel his cock press against your ass. With only saliva as lube, he slowly slides his cock deep inside you, inch by thick hard inch. You wonder how much deeper he'll go. Finally, he is fully inside you. You have never experienced so much pleasure and frustration. He slowly works his way out, just before he falls out of you he pushes back in thrusting faster and faster. You need your clit rubbed, your pussy fucked but it doesn't happen. He just fucks your ass. He is able to tease your G-spot. You've never felt it touched in such a way. Soon you stop feeling self-conscious about the bad things that can happen while being fucked in the ass and give yourself to him. You wrap your hands tight around the ties. Your feet barely on the floor as he pounds you harder and harder. You start to scream as your orgasm mounts. In a panic, he grabs your panties and puts them in your mouth. You're taken back by it but it makes you feel even dirtier, making the situation that much worse that gets you that much more excited. You scream into your panties as your orgasm surges through your body. You feel the fluids pouring out of your pussy as his cock continues to thrust inside you. Every push sends a wave of ecstasy through you. Soon you feel his cock explode inside you. Your entire body is trembling with pleasure. You giggle and shiver as he pulls his cock out of you. You feel his cum dripping out of you, mixing with the orgasm that rushed out of your pussy. He stands back and puts on his pants. Then he unties the ties. You can barely stand, your legs tremble as your feet touch the floor again. As you adjust yourself to make yourself presentable you smile and look at his satchel "so, do I get bonus marks?"

He laughs "oh, I'm not marking these, I'm just procuring the exam for your normal professor, but thanks." He said as he walked towards the door.

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