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The hotel room

You get back to your hotel room after a few drinks in the bar. You're feeling a bit relaxed after maybe a drink or two too many. Excited to sleep in a fresh bed with no husband or kids, you crawl into bed naked. Soon, without even thinking about it, your fingers slide between your legs and you absentmindedly start rubbing your clit while watching TV. Before long your fingers are working faster and faster and you regret not bringing along your favourite toy. You're about to reach your climax when there's a knock at the door. Your first instinct is to ignore it but you know deep down no one would be visiting unless it was important. You reluctantly get out of bed, go to the bathroom and rinse your hand off before grabbing the courtesy housecoat and you barely get it over your naked body before you answer the door. You use the door as cover as you peek around it to see who so rudely interrupted you. You're shocked to see me standing there in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. You ask me what I'm doing there but I don't answer as I push my way through the door and enter your room. You smile and awkwardly fumble for clothes. You stutter as you try to speak. With your clothes in hand, you start walking towards the washroom but I stop you. My strong hands grab your shoulders softly. You stop, you know you should keep walking but you don't. I start rubbing your shoulders and the clothes in your hands fall to the floor. You lean back into my chest as my lips touch your neck. I gently bite you, being sure not to leave any marks and then I kiss the soft spot on your neck. You don't realize my hands are now under the housecoat. You reach back, grab onto my shorts as you pull me in closer and doing so, your housecoat opens up and begins to fall off of your shoulders exposing your naked body to me. You don't try to fix it, instead, you move ever so slightly so it falls to the ground next to the pile of clothes you know you should be wearing. My hands grab yours and I bring them to your front as I embrace you. You feel my hard cock rub against your ass as you push up against me. You try to turn to kiss me but I stop you and gently bite your ear lobe, just to tease you a bit. I finally turn you around so you’re facing me. My eyes don’t move off of yours. You go to speak but I move in and we kiss for the very first time. Your hands move to my belt buckle but I stop you. “No no.” I say as I motion you to the bed with my eyes. You obediently follow my direction but when you get to the bed, you go to crawl under the covers. I tell you to stay on top. Even though you complain about being cold, you still listen to me. With you on the bed, I stare deep into your eyes as I pull my t-shirt over my head, then you bite your lip as I quickly unbuckle my belt, open my leans and let them fall to the ground. I bend over and take off my socks as I step out of the pants. When I stand up again you see the outline of my now rock hard cock under my boxers. I tease at first by hooking my thumbs under the waistband and slowly pull them down. I expose the small tattoo I have in my pubic area but then stop. You let out a sound of disappointment before I do it again, this time pulling them fully down. You look me up and down, your pussy is getting wet thinking about what is about to happen. I walk to the side of the bed and you reach out to touch me. Your fingers give me a stroke before you stop to look at the piercings you’ve heard so much about. You want to feel them inside you, you want to feel them in your mouth. You pull on me to get you closer so you can start to suck me but I stop you. I climb off the bed and walk towards the foot of the bed. My hands grab your ankles and they slide up your long beautiful legs, gently pushing them apart as I crawl up closer to you. You look as my head starts to disappear between your legs. You know it’s wrong. You want to stop me before you do something you’ll regret but before you speak you feel the warmth of my breath on your pussy. My lips kiss your freshly shaved pubic area before slide down your lips. My tongue flicks your clit before my lips press against it. You moan, the thoughts of stopping are already well out of your mind as my tongue teases your clit and pussy. One hand grabs my hair, the other grabs your breast. As I continue to lick and tease you, I bring my hand to my mouth and lick my finger before sliding it inside you. Your feet try to find something to push against but they just keep sliding off the linen. I finger you faster and harder as my tongue and mouth tend to your clit. You can barely stand it, you haven’t been touched like that in a long long time. I want to fuck you so bad but I can’t bring myself to leave your pussy, you taste great as your juices flow from my touch. My hand grabs your thigh and my nails drag down your flesh causing you to jump. The little bit of pain combined with the pleasure drives you wild. You can’t take it any longer, you grab me by my hair and pull me towards you. You pull until our lips are close to touching. You mouth the words “fuck me.” You feel my cock pressing against your pussy and your labia without actually penetrating you. You want to reach down and grab my cock to guide it inside you. Again you get a passing feeling of guilt knowing this is your first new cock since you’ve been married but you suppress the guilt but instead of allowing me to slide inside you, you push me over so I’m on my back. It’s your turn to give me oral. You firmly grab my cock by the base before leaning in to give the entire length a long lick. You kiss the head before allowing it to sink into your mouth. Your warm breath combined with the years of anticipation of finally being with you is hard for me to take. I want to stop you before I prematurely end the evening but your mouth moves deep on me and your tongue dances around with my shaft in your mouth. The sensation is amazing and I don’t want it to end. Too soon you stop and roll over so you’re on your back. We both pause as we catch our breath. “fuck me” is all you say. I again position myself between your legs, I reach down and grab my cock as I slide it inside you. Up until now it’s been okay but now that I’m inside you, you feel enormous guilt about cheating but you don’t want me to stop. You close your eyes in hopes that it helps but it doesn’t. Instead, you tell me to get on my back, which I do promptly. You get to your knees and straddle my waist with your back to me as you slide your soaked pussy down onto my cock. You place your hands on my shins as you begin to fuck me fast and hard. You begin to moan as you use me as your toy. Your hand reaches between your legs and you violently rub your clit. Soon your moans are getting louder and more frequent. You slam down onto me hard and you let out a scream. I feel your body tremble and I feel my cock get hot with your juices. When your pussy tightens around me, I can’t take it. I tell you I’m going to cum, I say it with some urgency in my voice but you don’t move, you just squeeze tighter. I can’t help but shoot my cum inside you. You panic at first as reality sets in but then you remember I’m ‘fixed’ and you relax again, enjoying the moment. You keep my cock inside you as it continued to twitch from my orgasm. After catching your breath you lean back until your back is flat against my chest. My cock slides out of you as does our combined mixture of pleasure. My hands squeeze your tits as I kiss your neck. Several minutes pass as we stay together like that. Finally, you roll over. I bring my hand up to your cheek, and we kiss like we were long time lovers who haven’t seen each other in a long time. When the kiss breaks, you look at the time and casually remark that you have to be up shortly. I take the hint, I dress as you stay in bed, your naked body still exposed to me, your skin glistening in our sweat.

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