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As Holden headed out for what he expected to be a typical evening with friends, he met the woman of his dreams in the unlikeliest of places. It took only a short time for Syn and Holden to make plans for an unusual first date—a candlelight dinner at a fast food restaurant and an evening at the theatre. In an effort to get to know each other, they shared intimate details about past love and their deepest darkest secrets. Growing together emotionally and physically, they created a whirlwind relationship that required life-changing decisions. Can this young couple’s love survive?

Syn portrays a modern relationship from the first date through the hard decisions and compromises while graphically exploring the intimate side with open and honest dialogue, proving that “sex” isn’t a dirty word.

Synce… is the long-awaited sequel to R.L. Canning’s first novel Syn.

Synce… continues the story of Holden and Paige as they struggle to balance their personal needs while making the necessary compromises to try and stay together.

The book explores common relationship situations and sexual fantasies that give readers an enjoyable and relatable reading experience.

R.L. Canning’s use of raw, gritty language that graphically depicts the intimate moments in the novel proves that sex isn’t a dirty word.